Moving from the Beginner’s to a competition band is a very big step for young brass players. Many juniors progress to play in both bands until the age of 19, at which time they cannot continue with the Juniors.  These bands are highly respected Australian Brass Bands and hold many National and State Championship titles to their credit. All the steps from the Beginner’s Band do not stop. Lessons still continue, along with eisteddfod, home practice, and other commitments.

When students become full band members, they take on a much greater workload and are required to practice more at home. The competition bands travel most years to the state and national titles, as well as performing at many local and outside venues within the community. Preparation for events such as state or national titles is very intense, and involves weeknight rehearsals and sometimes weekend workshops as well. Along with eisteddfod performance solos, band members can undertake other solo competitions in regional (Hunter Solos), state, and national titles.  Members come to realise that their commitment is well worth it with the knowledge that they have worked hard as a team and as an individual to achieve an excellent standard.